POW – Billing
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LoadMonth StartingHoursEnergyTotal Cost
Hot WaterJanuary 713.8 h41.5 kWh$5.21
December 722.4 h67.1 kWh$8.42
Solar Heating PumpJanuary 7121.0 h10.5 kWh$1.32
December 7119.2 h10.4 kWh$1.30
Solar Panel PumpJanuary 740.2 h8.2 kWh$1.03
December 769.9 h14.3 kWh$1.79
Solar Recirc Pump (House)January 744.8 h3.9 kWh$0.49
December 792.2 h8.0 kWh$1.00
VaneeJanuary 70.0 h0.0 kWh$0.00
December 70.0 h0.0 kWh$0.00
The total cost is based on the NB Power rate of 10.91 cents per kWh and 15% HST.

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